How to effectively communicate with parents and care givers

As part of their job, early childhood educators need to effectively interact with the children under their care. The right, often playful approach can help toddlers reach their milestones quicker as they are cared for in a safe and happy environment. Childhood educators need to be able to effectively communicate with the children in order for them to advance and learn. While the child is the most important element in this arrangement, there is another crucial party that also needs to be attended to: the parents.

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Survey reveals the ways child care centre directors keep up-to-date

It can be lonely at the top. Directors of child care centres have a lot to deal with every single day. Not only their staff, but also the children’s parents look to them for guidance. They are expected to know how to run their organisation efficiently so that each kid gets the best experience possible. But, who is it that directors turn to for guidance and business advice? Which industry bodies do they follow to keep on top of the ever-changing compliance regulations and reporting requirements? How do they stay abreast of the latest news and trends in the child care industry? Our latest survey reveals the answers to these questions and much more. 

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Recent survey reveals most common problems of Australian child care services

A recent survey conducted by SmartFees reveals the most common, yet critical challenges early childhood educators face every day. In this week’s blog we’ll illustrate what key problems child care centres identify, discuss their primary goals for the next 12 months and look at some key data crucial to those running child care services who want to pinpoint where they stand amongst their competition.

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