6 tips for child care services: How to get paid faster

You’ve established that you have a slow payment problem at your child care service. While most of your parents pay eventually, a number of them pay so late that you’re struggling to pay your own bills. It feels like you’re always a step behind: you have just enough to pay your staff, then everything else has to wait until the fees finally trickle in. So how can you try and get paid faster? 

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4 steps to choosing the right CCMS software for your child care service

At the time of writing this blog, there are 27 registered Child Care Management System software providers in Australia. For a child care director who is either starting a new service or has existing CCMS software and is thinking about switching to another provider, there’s A LOT to choose from. Coupled with the fact that all of the CCMS software providers structure their offerings differently from each other, it can be hard to compare providers. All registered providers meet the minimum standard set by the Department of Social Services to submit information to make claims against Child Care Benefits, Child Care Rebate, Inclusion Support etc. So which one do you choose and how do you know which one suits your child care business best? This blog post outlines four steps that can help you easily compare your top choices and come out the other end with a clear winner.

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Approaching the child care management committee: How to put in a policy for slow payers

With your child care service running on tight margins, you can’t afford to let payments lapse and come in weeks or months late. It’s very important that parents realise this, so you need to create a policy for slow payers.

Topics: Child care centre challenges Child care services challenges Managing finances

How to put continuous improvement into practice for your child care service

All child care services in Australia are required by the National Quality Standard (NQS) to work towards continuous improvement. This is so kids can experience the best conditions in their early educational and developmental years. Continuous improvement should be, as the title suggest, ongoing. Even if your service has been assessed as exceeding, it’s always a good idea to regularly look back on your practices and processes to see what else can be improved just that little bit more.

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