Change is a coming

In July 2018 there will be significant changes to the way the Federal government funds child care in Australia. The hope is that this will improve the accessibility of child care for many families. The reality may be a lot higher adminstrative burden for the services.


As part of the introduction of the new child care subsidy the goverment will be increasing the amount of information that services must supply at enrolment time, as changes happen and with each week's attendance. Many services still relying heavily on paper will find the new 'streamlined' government reporting to be adding hours each week instead of reducing them.

The last time a change this big rolled through from the government was in 2008 so if you were around then you have an idea what to expect. If not then get ready for an 'interesting' time.

As always preparing in advance can soften the impact and while July 2018 may seem a long way off we all know how fast the months can fly past. Ask your CCMS software provider what you can do to start getting ready for the change.

In our next few blogs we will go through some of the specifc items we think may cause problems and suggest some steps you could take to prepare.

Will your families be better off or worse off under the new system ?

Invite them to try the government's Child Care Subsidy Estimator and find out. 

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