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After 15 years as an IT consultant I wanted control of my destiny. I always loved the challenge of problem solving and helping people overcome obstacles. But I discovered I cared even more about people than I do IT. Then Childcare allowed me to have all of this.

Teddy Roosevelt said “people don’t care how much you know until they know how you care.”

COVID-19 caused more than a few disruptions to the Australian childcare industry during 2020; and while having to populate a ‘virtual booth’ the ECEC Innovation Forum wasn’t on the top of many TO-DO lists over the past few months, but it was still a chance to represent Smart Central in a ‘virtual room’ with our peers and I take that seriously.

So when asked to prepare a 2.5min ‘welcome video’ – something that I guess would have been the equivalent of an opening day podium address in those real conferences we held in 2019 – we thought, ‘who better to introduce us than our clients?’. Surely there is nothing we could say that wouldn’t sound better coming from them?

So we asked some to say a few words about us. And boy were they willing. The problem? Time, distance and lockdown. The solution? Well, Zoom. They’ve been solving lots of problems for clients in 2020 – something I like to think we have in common.

The team in place did a fantastic job turning those Zoom meetings into Bona Fide client testimonials that honestly had the staff crying once they’d seen them. The funny thing? We already knew what most of them were saying; they’d been saying it to us!

Software is a competitive market, and CCS even more so. I’d like to think we at Smart Central work very hard to provide the most adaptable and flexible solutions for our childcare centres – as well as the highest possible level of support – and to hear that reflected back in the words of our own clients makes me more proud than I can say.

So please check the video out here!


I’ve said this before but once again thanks to Bill, Dallas, Janeane and Sam for their time and lovely words – and also to the team at Blue Hat Green for making it all happen!

But mostly thanks Corrie and the team for being there and making our clients lives easier every single day. I really care about software; but ultimately it’s for people to use, so we are committed to providing the best support possible - when our clients really need it.

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