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For The Love Of...

After 15 years as an IT consultant I wanted control of my destiny. I always loved the challenge of problem solving and helping people overcome obstacles. But I discovered I cared even more about people than I do IT. Then Childcare allowed me to have all of this.

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An unbiased guide to choosing your next CCS software

A major CCS software provider recently published a national survey of the childcare industry. Not surprisingly the section on software concludes that it’s software is the most awesome. Big surprise. However I discovered one statistic I do agree with – roughly one third of childcare centres changed their software due to poor or inadequate support. I’d say more than half of Smart Centrals customers came to us for the same reason. And stayed.

Topics: Child care centre challenges National Quality Standard (NQS) CCS childcare, childcare software,

How child care services can connect to their community

Gowrie NSW has compiled a fantastic list of free fact sheets available to child care services to help improve their reach into their local community. Quality Area 6 of the National Quality Standard (NQS) focuses on collaborative partnerships with families and communities so it’s important that all child care services aim to truly connect with their community. By doing so child care services ensure:

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NQS: Importance of partnerships to enhance kids learning and well being


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Hiring a child care worker: Beware of under-skilled graduates

In a national strategic review the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) revealed that some registered training organisations (RTOs) offering early childhood education and care training are producing ‘graduates’ in 25 weeks. This is half the minimum length of time recommended in the Australian Qualifications Framework. Not only does this create a potentially unsafe environment for the children in their care, it leaves the ‘graduates’ heavily under-qualified and inexperienced, undermines other RTOs that are offering high-quality courses and places child care services in a compromising position for when they are hiring a child care worker. Child care training is competency-based training and certificate III courses should take one to two years to complete, not 25 weeks.

Topics: Child care centre challenges Industry trends Child care services challenges National Quality Standard (NQS)

How to put continuous improvement into practice for your child care service

All child care services in Australia are required by the National Quality Standard (NQS) to work towards continuous improvement. This is so kids can experience the best conditions in their early educational and developmental years. Continuous improvement should be, as the title suggest, ongoing. Even if your service has been assessed as exceeding, it’s always a good idea to regularly look back on your practices and processes to see what else can be improved just that little bit more.

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