SmartCentral is excited to announce partnering with ChildCarers to bring clients an integrated early childhood education programming, documentation and communication system for use within long day care and other early childhood education services. Designed to reduce the administrative burden, improve compliance and save money.

The easy-to-use social media like interface allows teachers and educators to quickly create meaningful observations in line with the national frameworks. Capture every moment as it happen and save them for later allowing you to focus on the children and their experiences.

Stay in touch with parents by sending daily child updates via email and give each parent their own unique website for child’s photos, artworks, news and observations. Which they can also access using the free Parent App for Apple and Android devices.

Some key features are:

  • Learning Journeys - Share images and stories directly with parents.
  • National Frameworks - EYLF, My Time Our Place, Victorian EYLDF & QKLG
  • Custom Fields - Insert references to Theorists, Quality Areas, Milestones and more.
  • Programs & Planning - See all of your programs in one place. Plan Experiences using the week view. and link them with your Observations.
  • Documents & Policies - Store all of your documentation online for staff and parents to see.
  • Parent Communication - Keep everyone up to date with News and Child Updates sent via email.
  • Parents App & Portal - Parents can access all of the information for their child with the smartphone app, giving you yet another way to reach them quickly and easily.


  • Parent and Child records flow seamlessly across from SmartCentral to ChildCarers, reducing admin time and streamlining the enrolment/onboarding process.

We love using ChildCarers! The program is simple and easy to follow, which allows the staff at PA Hospital childcare centre to understand and create a completed planning cycle with the help of ChildCarers.


Katrina - Educational Leader, QCCS