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Smart Central Support

Your Smart Central Licence Fee includes product support.

The Smart Central Support Team is available 8:30am-7:30pm Monday to Friday (AEST/AEDST - excluding public holidays) to answer your Smart Central related queries. Support covers phone, email and live chat assistance with functional and operational queries, for example, how to create a new enrolment, how to submit an attendance, which report to run to get specific information.

Our Smart Central Support Team uses a software application which allows us to see your screen as you work on it, taking any guess work out of solving a problem and saving you time.

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Parent Portal

Smart Central Parent Portal provides a new approach in streamlining communications with parents:

      • Parents can update their and their children's information as well as their contact details via their own secure login
      • Parents have the ability to book attendances if the centre publishes their bookings
      • Parents can access statements and process their payments via their own secure login
      • An automated email function can send out reminders for late payments to parents
      • Parents can lodge an enrolment application online
      • Centres can review information supplied and import directly into Smart Central if approved
      • The portal can be easily linked to the centre's existing website or function by itself if required
      • Centres can personalise the parent portal with their own logo and colour scheme 


Smart Central Automatic Payment Options

Smart Central provides two facilities for automatic fee payments from your parents:

  • Direct Debit
  • SmartCentral Click to Pay

Both functions have two major benefits:

  1. All fee payments are directly deposited into your service’s bank account, eliminating the need to take money or cheques to the bank.
  2. Parents are more likely to stay up to date with payments if payments are handled electronically.  

Smart Central Direct Debit

Smart Central offers competitve merchant fees, saves buckets of administration time and there's no additional cost to run it. Smart Central DirectDebit is simple to activate plus centres will receive free training and ongoing support.

How does it work?

  1. Parents elect to have fee payments direct debited from either a bank account or a credit card.
  2. Automatic payment records are created in Smart Central, eliminating the need for you to manually enter payments.
  3. Direct debit transactions are triggered from within Smart Central by you and sent directly to our secure payment gateway for processing.
  4. Cleared payments are then automatically deposited into your bank account.

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Smart Central FAQs

Do l have to do backups every day?
No. Your Smart Central data is automatically backed-up every night and stored in 2 separate, secure locations within Australia. You will never need to remember to do backups again. 

Do I have to install upgrades? 
No. Upgrades are done seamlessly by the Smart Central team. When an upgrade is released, you will simply be advised of any major changes/additions made. No installations, no downloads, no configurations, no reading of installation instructions. You will never need to worry about installing upgrades again.

Can I access Smart Central from anywhere? 
Yes. You can login to Smart Central from any internet enabled device. You can work from your service or home and never worry about copying your data from one computer to another.  You can even use your iPad to access Smart Central.

Can I still print reports? 
Yes. You can still print Smart Central reports to your own local printer. 

How does CCS submission work in Smart Central? 
Smart Central has both 'on demand' and 'scheduled' options for CCS submission. So you can send data as soon as its ready or schedule it to go out after hours even if you are normally not working that day.

Is Smart Central Secure? 
Yes. Your Smart Central data is securely separated from other data behind industry standard password, encryption and firewalls so that no-one else but you and Smart Central support staff can see it. 

Is Smart Central Support any different depending on which license you choose? 
The prompt, friendly and high quality support you receive from our Smart Central Team is the same across all versions of Smart Central. With your permission, Smart Central support staff can log into your data at the same time as you and see what you are doing and address your questions together with you. We can even fix any of your CCS records if you need us too. It's just like we are sitting next to you – wherever you are!

How do I sign up for Smart Central?
Visit out purchasing page and follow the prompts.

Does anyone else apart from the parent have access to the child's information?
No, unless the parent gives out their secure user login and password. Other parents using SmartCentral are provided with a different user login and password. Service staff have access as they do already.

When making an online payment using a credit card, will the credit card number be stored anywhere?
No credit card details are stored within Smart Central. Credit card payments are processed using our payment gateway which processes secure transactions. 

Which credit cards can be used?
All major credit cards can be processed. Services can configure which payment options they want to accept.

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The help that we receive from your help desk is fantastic. We can ask as many silly questions as we like and the ladies are always so accommodating and genuinely interested in reaching a solution for us. They are never patronising or dismissive and I feel completely confident in contacting them whenever I need assistance.

Lauren, Stratton OSHC, WA