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Make no mistake, switching CCMS software isn't quite as simple as switching to a new pair of shoes. Each CCMS software is different and there will be some wearing in required. A simple plan will go a long way to making sure you make the right choices and your team can get on board with the change.

Like any change, switching goes through distinct (if sometimes overlooked) phases:

  1. Decision
  2. Preparation
  3. Transition
  4. Establishment


What is motivating you to change? Is it price, reliability, support? What things do you really need from your next provider and what would be 'nice to haves'?

A simple checklist will help you keep track. Don't forget to include features from your current provider you can't afford to lose and things you really want to avoid. Do include the non-technical factors that are important to you; can I get personalised training, just how good is their support?

Involving your team in creating this list and evaluating options helps avoid any holes and also starts them getting ready for the change.

Score your current provider with your checklist. If they come up trumps maybe you should reconsider switching or whether your checklist is missing something important.

Choose your shortlist (no more than 3 but maybe its only 1) and arrange demos. Try to keep them close together in time so they are all fresh in mind, preferably in the same week.

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So now you have decided who you want to be working with. You need to know what is going to be different and get ready for it. There are likely things you need to do in your current system. There may be impacts for each of the following groups:

  1. Administration Staff
  2. Centre Staff
  3. Management Team (eg You)
  4. Parents

Just ask yourself, what's changing for these people, what do they need to do, what do they need to know and how will I tell them? If you are switching to a service oriented organisation like SmartCentral, you will be assigned a SmartCentral Case Manager to help you through this process with minimum of fuss. Make sure you allow enough time to get the messages out and for people to absorb them. Don't be too surprised if some people miss the message. The larger the audience the more often you need to tell them something for it to be heard.

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We know who's affected and how the messages have gone out and now we are into the change over itself. Now its time to make it happen and it's all about who is doing what by when. Your SmartCentral Case Manager will put that plan together with your input and follow through to make sure all tasks are on track for the 'go live' date.

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You are up and running on your new CCMS platform but it's not quite time to pop the corks yet. Make sure any loose ends are identified and followed up:

  1. Do administration staff know how to carry out their tasks in the new system?
  2. Have all parents returned their new direct debit authorities?
  3. Have any data tasks been completed?
  4. Do I know how to get my hands on the information I need to run my organisation effectively?

Your SmartCentral Case Manager will work with you to identify any missing pieces and how to fix them. We want you to get the most out of our tools and we want you to thrive.

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“The SmartCentral Program is super easy to use. We recently upgraded and the staff went above & beyond in assisting us to get that set up. I cannot  recommend SmartCentral highly enough. The program is super easy to use, however the staff and support is just fabulous”.

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