SmartCentral Parent Portal

A free online facility connecting child care services with parents and guardians

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Parents can lodge Applications

Easily track applications and waiting lists so nothing gets forgotten

Save time and Reduce chances of human error

Parents can view transaction history and make payments

Approve - Reject - Waitlist applications online

One click creation of enrolment and booking records

Get found easily by potential customers

A free online presence for services without one

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They'll be able to search for child care services and submit enrolment applications online in their own time, with their own secure login.

They'll be able to keep track of submitted applications and their progress so they know exactly where everything's up to.

They'll feel assured that their child care service will always have the most up to date contact information for their child in case of an emergency as they'll be able to update their contact details anytime, anywhere.

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Perform application administration including list, view details and activity history as well as approve/reject/waitlist. 

Keep track of your applications and waiting lists so nothing gets forgotten.

Provide parents/guardians a convenient, secure way for them to submit applications for enrolments making you more appealing to deal with.

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Potential customers will be able to conduct searches for services on SmartCentral. 

y establishing an online presence in SmartCentral with the ability to accept online applications, you will increase your chances of being found for long term enrolments as well as last minute bookings to fill your spare places. 

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Parent Portal is FREE

with every license of SmartCentral CCMS

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