SmartCentral is excited to be partnering with EarlyWorks to bring clients a comprehensive early childhood education programming, documentation and communication system for use within long day care and other early childhood education services.

All approved Australian learning frameworks, such as the Early Years Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, the WA Kindergarten Curriculum and My Time, Our Place, are supported throughout the documentation process and can even be customised to suit your service's specific pedagogical approach.

Produce curriculum plans and journal reports

EarlyWorks allows you to create daily or weekly journal entries. These can be used as part of an existing program (for subsequent extension) or simply created to provide families with an insight into the experiences and activities that have occurred at the service.

Journal entries can be catalysts for new programs and can be easily linked to the printable program. Journal entries are linked to the children that feature in them and are instantly stored in the associated child’s files. Educators can choose to view journals online or edit them in Microsoft Word prior to printing.

Your educational programs will be clear, easy to read and printable. EarlyWorks automatically references “why” (because of an observation on particular date, intentional teaching or family input) something has been added to the program and from “where” (from which child/ren on which date/s) it came.

This drastically reduces the time spent on creating visible links – because EarlyWorks does it for you. 

Monitor continuously

Managers can see at a glance:

  • Centre’s monthly programming trends over the year
  • Overall centre programming performance for the month
  • Individual educator’s contributions over the month, and
  • All observations, programs and journals entered by individual educators to assist with performance reviews and staff appraisals

Team leaders and educator assistants can see at a glance:

  • The children who are requiring observations, inclusion into the program or have not recently featured in the journal
  • Overdue Evaluations of experiences so that they are reminded to complete this important step in the programming planning cycle
  • Tasks that have been allocated for completion by their manager (such as check first aid supplies)
  • Latest comments relating to any child that is in the educator’s room so that educators are always up to date with currently added communication, and
  • Reflections of Pedagogy – recent personal reflections and manager feedback are shown here so that educators are able to plan and review their feedback for ongoing continuous improvement

Keep families informed and engaged

EarlyWorks allows educators to share photos and documents with other educators and families through a secure online portal accessible from desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. Families can only view photos and documents that relate to their child/ren. Images can be viewed as thumbnails or stand-alone pictures. Documents can be opened and/or downloaded as required. EarlyWorks supports permission-based access to photos and documents.

When children are added to EarlyWorks, you will be asked whether permission to share images and documents with other families has been provided. In the event that children do not have permission to share their images with other families, EarlyWorks will alert educators at the time of adding images so that their image cannot be shared.

Educators can advise families of children’s meals, portion sizes, bottle times and amounts, sleep times, nappy changes and other relevant information. Communication details can be entered for a group or for an individual child. Families are able to view this information using their personal login.

Daily communication with families about their child’s day enhances trust and helps to build respectful supportive relationships. Family access is available to multiple family members and can include extended family (e.g. Grandparents), carers or any other stakeholder. Each family member will have their own unique login details.

Educators are alerted via email and on their dashboard when a family member has added a comment. Likewise, families are alerted via email when a relevant educator comment is added.

Designed for ease of use from the start

  • Predefined templates for each Early Learning framewrok take care of the majority of the setup. You only need to customise service specific items if desired
  • Clean simple and intuitive interface makes it much easier for families, educators and adminstrators to learn and use
  • Educators are reminded to evaluate their experiences through a clear and simple dashboard
  • Managers are alerted to any outstanding evaluations so that educators can be supported to complete this integral step of the program planning cycle
  • Educators are alerted to children requiring observations, ensuring children are not missed during a programming period
  • Educators can choose to view observations online or edit them in Microsoft Word prior to printing. 

I have used every app, program, templates, and plan out there and nothing worked! EarlyWorks actually delivers on reducing paperwork and has made my documentation more professional and far more valuable than ever before”


Tania - Early Childhood Director, Hilton, VIC