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System changes to support centres during the pandemic

To keep up to date on the latest changes from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment check back to the DESE FAQ page.

The COVID pandemic has brought about a number of changes in Australian childcare centres. At Smart Central we have introduced a range of changes to help centres adapt.

 Smart Central COVID Care Changes

  • Auto Gap Fee Waiver
    • Don't painfully waive the gap fee on multiple attendances each week. Use Smart Centrals Gap Fee waiver process to select and waive the gap fee. Within a few seconds the process is complete and you can move on. Waived attendances are clearly highlighted and the process can be just as quickly undone if needed.
  • Contactless Sign In
    • Reduce the need for parents to all be touching the same sign in device (iPad). Allow parents to sign into the centre using their own phone
  • ECEC Supplementary Payments Dashboard
    • Stay on top of critical information from a single combined dashboard view. Compare attendance hours for compare current periods and DESE reference periods in a single click.
  • Covid Declaration
    • Optionally display a message to parents at sign in requiring them to confirm the child is not showing any symptoms or been given medication that would mask symptoms
  • Software License Fee Discount
    • When the 'Free ChildCare' period was introduced by DESE, Smart Central provided all clients with an immediate discount to help them through and share the pain. Centres experiencing ongoing difficulties can still request an extension to that discount


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The help that we receive from your help desk is fantastic. We can ask as many silly questions as we like and the ladies are always so accommodating and genuinely interested in reaching a solution for us. They are never patronising or dismissive and I feel completely confident in contacting them whenever I need assistance.

Lauren, Stratton OSHC, WA