Making the most of Inclusion Support to assist educators and children

Educators and teams working with children with additional support needs in Australia are supported to address access and participation barriers and support the inclusion of children with additional needs with their typically developing peers through the Inclusion Support Program (ISP).

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DESE confirms Presser - GAP waivers allowed in 'stay at home' LGAs

Today's email from the federal government's Department of Education, Skills and Employment confirms limited gap fee waiving in affected local government areas. 

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Childcare Subsidy 20-21 EOFY Reconciliation

In case you missed, it CCS have advised that the end of financial year reconciliation period for 20-21 will end on 8th August this year. Make sure all your attendances for the financial year just gone are finalised (that includes submissions and variations if needed) before that date.  Access the Att Summary from the main service menu in Smart Central. Other software providers may have something similar (if you're lucky 😜). 

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Leading teams in times of rapid change - suggestions for ECEC leaders

Change is inevitable, regardless of the sector or industry it occurs in. In the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector in particular, change can be driven at a higher level by legislative and political changes, at a service level through changes in leadership or ownership, and at a micro level as team members' life circumstances change, and as people leave and join the organisation. 

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Client Spotlight: Crayons Kindy

Client Spotlight _ DALLAS MAIOLO _ Crayons Kindy

To find out more visit our website or email us directly!

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Client Spotlight - Garfield St Preschool


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An unbiased guide to choosing your next CCS software

A major CCS software provider recently published a national survey of the childcare industry. Not surprisingly the section on software concludes that it’s software is the most awesome. Big surprise. However I discovered one statistic I do agree with – roughly one third of childcare centres changed their software due to poor or inadequate support. I’d say more than half of Smart Centrals customers came to us for the same reason. And stayed.

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8 Steps to winning back more time in your day


As a director of a child care service you’re busy dealing with day-to-day tasks and simply keeping the wheels turning. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do the stuff that you know you should do, never mind the stuff that you would like to do. Here are steps you can take to clear the decks and make room for those important tasks that are currently getting crowded out or just a bit of time out. 

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How child care services can connect to their community

Gowrie NSW has compiled a fantastic list of free fact sheets available to child care services to help improve their reach into their local community. Quality Area 6 of the National Quality Standard (NQS) focuses on collaborative partnerships with families and communities so it’s important that all child care services aim to truly connect with their community. By doing so child care services ensure:

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6 tips to implement a new invoice and payment process into your child care service

If you’re suffering from slow payments, late payments and non-payments, the chances are your current invoice and payments system isn’t working as well as it could be. If this is the case, it could be time to develop a new structure. Change is always challenging, for everyone involved, so here’s how to implement things smoothly and keep everyone’s good will.

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